Mineral Processing Technology

Following the SIM Congress of November 2021, an issue of “Mines et Carrières” was released earlier this year named “RÉSILIENCE DE L’INDUSTRIE MINÉRALE APRÈS LA CRISE SANITAIRE” which focuses on the impact the pandemic has had on the mining industry, the weaknesses revealed, and the strengths needed going forward.

This issue indeed stresses the fact that ”The organisation of production and the markets for mineral raw materials have been disrupted by the long pandemic of Covid-19. The price of raw materials was no longer the only decisive factor. The mineral industry has had to look for solutions. Just like the administrations and the various governing bodies, they have adapted and had to learn the lessons of this new “normality”.”

Among the solutions developed, the ION4RAW project and the research it conducts has been mentioned  as a relevant innovative process allowing to extract and recover unexploited small auxiliary metals from ore and mine tailings.

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