A trans-disciplinary initiative

Our project integrates diverse disciplines, namely: mineralogy, metallurgy, electrochemistry, mathematical and modelling optimisation, sustainability assessment methodologies, and process and chemical engineering. We bring together 13 partners from 7 EU countries as well as Peru whose competencies are clearly defined to maximise synergies and avoid duplication while covering all the steps for technology development and the whole value chain of by-product recovery.

Consortium members

Strongly industrially driven as almost 60% of partners are private companies (1 large industry and 7 SMEs). Some of our partners are also potential end-user of ION4RAW results.

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The people behind ION4RAW

Discover our work and the people behind ION4RAW. In these introductory videos, each project partner briefly talks about how they’ll be putting their effort together in order to elaborate on the cost-efficient mineral processing technology to recover by-products from primary sources.

What our partners think

The whole prototype process will be tested and validated at our facilities in TECNALIA, using real primary samples provided by European & Peruvian mines.


ION4RAW  is unlocking the full potential of EUROPE’s inner wealth by converting new and currently unexploited resources into reserves. We are glad to be coordinating such an innovative project.

Maria T. – IDENER, coordinator of the ION4RAW project

We will compare ION4RAW environmental impact to the one of conventional by-product recovery routes to assess the sustainability of the process.

Mathilde L. – LGI