Unlocking hidden value with our cutting-edge Decision Support System

ION4RAW Decision Support System provides valuable insights into by-product availability and endowment, along with the correlation between ore deposit types and potential by-products within different mineral deposits.

This system can serve a diverse range of users, from mining and investment companies to policy makers, national public bodies, NGOs, and the European Commission. By leveraging new geological and geo-metallurgical data, it gives access to information like by-product potential, concentration/tonnage, endowment estimates, and metallurgical techniques.

This comprehensive data aims at empowering companies to optimize their by-product processing strategies, revealing latent value within active mines, development projects, and untapped deposits, thereby attracting investments for mineral exploration and ensuring future domestic supplies.

This decision support tool holds significance not only for the business sector but also for policy makers and governmental bodies, contributing to the European Commission’s critical raw materials policy agenda.

The aggregated data will also feed into the Resource Management Information System (RMIS).

ION4RAW Decision Support System