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Let’s look back on our clustering event. Organized on 11 May 2022, along with PEACOCCROCODILE and TARANTULA, the event focused its discussion on The use of ionic liquids (IL) and Deep Eutectic Solvents (DES) for metal recovery. Challenges and opportunities in research and development for the recycling and recovery of metals considered critical using ionic liquids (IL) and deep eutectic solvents (DES) were thoroughly discussed.

The recycling of critical raw materials has become an important argument for the European Commission in the fight against resource vulnerability. Securing an alternative to mining such critical materials is thus necessary, which we discussed with our partners of PEACOC, CROCODILE and TARANTULA

“IL and DES can replace the usually toxic and flammable organic solvents, reduce chemical waste and improve the safety of chemical processes and products [1]. Moreover, they may offer potential as an environmentally sustainable alternative to conventional separation processes – involving the use of aqueous acids or organic solvents- in particular due to their characteristics: low volatility, high thermal stability, low vapor pressure […]”

Discover the full discussion here: PEACOC – How is Research and Development supporting Europe’s leadership in metal recovery?

Watch the recording of the workshop here:

Several researchers from each project discussed solutions and innovative ways to recycle such materials. You can discover their presentations here:


The ION4RAW, CROCODILE, TARANTULA, and PEACOC projects have received funding from the European Union’s EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 under Grant Agreement No 815748 (ION4RAW –, GA No 776473  (CROCODILE –, GA No 821159 (TARANTULA –, GA No 958302 (PEACOC –