Critical Raw Materials Raw Materials

ION4RAW is now part of the EU-funded project to be featured on the RMIS platform. What does this mean? Why is it important? Let’s find out!

What is the RMIS Platform?

The European Commission’s Raw Materials Information System (RMIS) is developed by the Directorate-General (DG) Joint Research Centre (JRC) in cooperation with the DG for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (GROWTH). The RMIS is the Commission’s reference web-based knowledge platform on non-fuel, non-agricultural raw materials from primary and secondary sources.

As stressed in the 2008 European Union (EU) Raw Materials Initiative (RMI) and further recognised by the Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on raw materials (EIP-SIP), raw materials are essential for the sustainable and sound functioning of Europe’s industries. The EC is committed to promote the competitiveness of industries related to raw materials. These industries play important roles in many downstream sectors in Europe, such as construction, defence, chemicals, automotive, aerospace, machinery, equipment and renewable energy devices. Securing undistorted access to raw materials – in particular, critical raw materials (CRM) – is crucial to stimulate investment in innovation and new technologies.

In that context, the RMIS provides a structured repository of knowledge related to non-fuel, non-agricultural raw materials from primary and secondary sources. The overarching goal of the RMIS is to facilitate:

  • the availability, coherence and quality of knowledge required by specific EU raw materials policies and EC services;
  • access to key raw materials information from knowledge bases within and beyond Europe.

Specific parts of the RMIS support access to in-depth knowledge on the topics most relevant to the European and International raw materials context, such as Critical Raw Materials (CRM), secondary raw materials (SRM), economics and trade, and stocks and flows of raw materials, as well as analyses of aspects of environmental and social sustainability related to raw materials.

With the aim of establishing a continuous exchange of knowledge with national, EU-level and global knowledge providers, the RMIS includes the ‘Raw materials knowledge gateway’, which is a virtual space for providers for consolidating, expanding and increasing the visibility of raw materials-related knowledge.

ION4RAW on the Platfom

Several EU-funded projects related to raw materials are featured on the RMIS platform to advertise their work and findings. ION4RAW is now part of them, thus enabling a wider exposure for the project and its results within the European raw materials community.

To access it, click on the “European Level” Button, then “EU funded project” and select ION4RAW from the dropdown list. The ION4RAW page presents an overview of the project and its activities. It includes details about the work conducted within each work package as well as highlights from the work that has already been completed.