ION4RAW is an international initiative which brings together 13 partners from 7 countries, from EU: Spain, France, UK, Norway, Germany, Italy, and Belgium; as well as Peru. The consortium is strongly industrially driven as almost 60% of partners are private companies (1 large industry and 7 SMEs). Aside from this, the trans-national dimension of mining and mineral processing companies involved provides an additional feature to the consortium.
Upstream activities


WAI is part of Wardell Armstrong LLP, an independent consultancy that has provided the minerals industry with specialised geological, mining and processing expertise since 1837. More recent social and environmental expertise has been added to the in-house capabilities. Our experience is worldwide and has included virtually all solid mineral commodities.
WAI has offices in London, Truro and Stoke-on-Trent in the UK as well as overseas in Moscow and Almaty. The offices at Truro, comprise the old Wheal Jane Mine office and the site includes extensive mineral assaying, processing and pilot plant testing facilities. WAI staff members are active in the management of many of the professional institutions relevant to the mining industry and especially within the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.