ION4RAW is an international initiative which brings together 13 partners from 7 countries, from EU: Spain, France, UK, Norway, Germany, Italy, and Belgium; as well as Peru. The consortium is strongly industrially driven as almost 60% of partners are private companies (1 large industry and 7 SMEs). Aside from this, the trans-national dimension of mining and mineral processing companies involved provides an additional feature to the consortium.
Source provider for activities in WP2 & WP3
Source provider for activities in WP4


CUMBREX is an international independent consulting firm focused on technical geological advice complemented by socio-environmental, logistical and legal support for earth and water resources industries and engineering projects.
The vast knowledge of the mineral resources of the region (more than 1000 prospects evaluated) combined with our contacts in the country mineral resources industries will provide valuable information of the potentially most appropriated ore(s) types and their distribution for the project objectives. As a private firm we aim to do our tasks in a cost-time efficient way.