ION4RAW is an international initiative which brings together 13 partners from 7 countries, from EU: Spain, France, UK, Norway, Germany, Italy, and Belgium; as well as Peru. The consortium is strongly industrially driven as almost 60% of partners are private companies (1 large industry and 7 SMEs). Aside from this, the trans-national dimension of mining and mineral processing companies involved provides an additional feature to the consortium.
By-product potential evaluation


As the French Geological Survey, BRGM is the reference public institution in France for Earth Science applications in the management resources and risks to face current and emerging social and environmental challenges. BRGM’s activities are organized around scientific research, support to public policy development and international cooperation. Building on geology as its core competence, BRGM develops expert knowledge in worldwide resource exploration, ore characterisation and modeling, data inventory, market economic studies, risk management and innovative ecotechnologies applied to mineral processing.
BRGM works in particular to increase public-private partnerships under high-level scientific projects, strengthen the momentum of a network of partners in France, Europe and the world to transfer BRGM’s R&D results.