Cost-Effective Recovery Of
by-products from primary sources


Innovative Process

This process is based on the use of innovative, environmentally benign and biodegradable Deep Eutectic Solvents (DES) and an advance electrochemical process for metal recovery as an only step.

Targeted Metals

Targeted metals to be recovered as by-products are within Cu-Ag-Au group: tellurium (Te), selenium (Se), rhenium (Re), and molybdenum (Mo), as well as Critical Raw Materials.

Mapping & Assessment

The process development will be supported by the mapping and assessment of by-product potential in Europe. The achievements will lead to a significant increase in by-product metal availability for EU, thus reducing EU dependency on imports.

ION4RAW objectives

The main objective of Ion4Raw project is to develop a novel and sustainable ionometallurgical process to resource- and cost-effectively recovery of mainly by-products from primary sources (and the main metal in the ore), i.e ores and concentrates following a complete value chain. Others include:

  • Encourage and support by-product recovery by conducting a comprehensive by-product potential identification and assessment
  • Maximise upstream recovery of by-products from primary sources for ionometallurgical processing and minimise the downstream environmental impact
  • Cost-efficiently recover by-products from primary sources through ionometallurgical route
  • Design and optimise the overall process from a holistic point of view following a Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) approach
  • Provide proof of process sustainability from economic, technical and environmental point of view, as well as to promote the exploitation of the project’s results