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Our Reports

Upcoming public reports that will be develop as the ION4RAW project progresses.

  • D2.1 - Mapping of by-product potential in mineral deposits
  • D2.2 - Technical note and methodology guide for sampling and sample preparation
  • D3.5 - DES treatment and reuse procedures
  • D7.1 - Life Cycle Assessment
  • D7.3 - Market analysis final report: trends in applications using materials targeted by Ion4Raw process and assessment of the process impact on EU supply criticality

Our Videos

We’ll also be developing multimedia assets to diversify the channels through which we’ll be communicating about ION4RAW. In these introductory videos, each project partner briefly talks about how they’ll be putting their effort together in order to elaborate on the cost-efficient mineral processing technology to recover by-products from primary sources.

Our Newsletters

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