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The ION4RAW stands for ionometallurgy of primary sources for an enhanced raw materials recovery. The project proposes a new energy-, material- and cost-efficient mineral processing technology to recover by-products from primary sources by means of innovative Deep Eutectic Solvent (DES) ionic liquids and advanced electrochemical methods as an only step.

A joint recovery of by-products from primary sources which belong to the Cu-Ag-Au group is proposed. Most of the targeted by-products elements are Critical Raw Materials as bismuth (Bi), germanium (Ge), indium (In), cobalt (Co), platinum (Pt) and antimony (Sb). Accompanying major product metals, e.g. copper (Cu), silver (Ag) and gold (Au), may also be recovered by this process.

The flexibility of the process (to be demonstrated to TRL 3-5 through a prototype) increases its market penetration potential as a sound systemic solution.

The technical feasibility of this concept is supported by the TRL 2-3 accomplished so far by the R&D partners embodied in the project’s consortium. From this starting point, the ION4RAW project aims to reach TRL 5 by implementing a process prototype at TECNALIA (TEC) facilities and validating it using real primary samples provided by Scotgold Resources (SG), Cumbres Exploraciones S.A.C. (CUM) and Cobre las Cruces.

ION4RAW will allow mining companies to fully exploit by-product potential by recovering such by-products at their own facilities.

Ion4Raw will make an ambitious contribution to the EIP Raw Materials Strategic Implementation Plan unlocking the full potential of Europe’s inner wealth by converting new and currently unexploited resources into reserves.

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